Fitness Routine: How & Why I'm Shaking Things Up

This week was a good week, but TGISaturday because I’ve got a writing bug and a quick update I wanted to share.

Originally I was gonna save this post for the end of the month and use it as an opportunity to reflect (#forwardthinking), but so many of y’all have been asking me about my current routine so I decided there was no reason to put it off.

Is Melody really gonna use selfies as the visual content for this post? Yes. Yes she is.

Is Melody really gonna use selfies as the visual content for this post? Yes. Yes she is.

Before this week I felt stuck in the worst exercise rut. And before you *roll your eyes and dismiss my feelings* I want to be really honest about where my head was and how it was impacting me.

Hint: Not great.

Let me be clear. I truly enjoy the gym. I love making time for endorphin-mediated stress-management (NERD), working up a sweat, feeling myself get stronger as the same move gets easier, and then waking up so sore the next day I can hardly raise my arms to wipe my a$$.

That doesn’t mean I’m jumping for joy to the gym everyday, or that something’s wrong if you never ever love the gym as much as I do. But movement feels natural, whether it’s at the gym doing lunges or in the club twerkin’.

I like to move, and I use movement to take care of myself (mentally and physically).


But, frankly, that’s nobody’s business but my own.

I’m not going to sit on this side of the screen and pretend that socially-imposed standards of beauty don’t exist. There are SO MANY that they overlap, conflict, and overlap again. We face constant pressure, every day, from all sides. So here’s my unsolicited opinion on the matter: all we can do is reflect, dig deep, and move in the way we love (applicable to fitness, wellness, and all aspects of our lives).

If you enjoy that micro-movement pulse pulse tone tone stuff, keep giving your body what it loves. If you run 10 miles to clear your head and feel empowered, keep giving your mind what it loves. If you’re reading this in bed with a bag of Cheetos and no intention of moving today, tomorrow, or the next day, wanna hang out?

There are days when I get on an assault bike, jump around, and do burpees. And there are days when I finish a Dominos pizza with room for dessert. To each her own, always.

Do you understand where I’m coming from? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

We should reflect on all of our decisions. How much or how little or what kind of exercise we do is no different. Reflect, be honest, and then try to change what needs to be changed. You already know.

I’m shaking up my workout routine because it needed shaking up. I was in my own head. I wasn’t letting my arms move weight or my legs run hills. I couldn’t find my rhythm because I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore. I was getting scared of looking too tall and too strong.

But our bodies’ are always telling us how they want to move.

It’s up to us to listen.

So here’s my “fitness routine”: I’m doing what feels good. Correction: I’M DOING WHAT FEELS BOMB. I found a Spartan Beast training plan and it’s kicking my butt in the best way possible. It’s making it easier to get back to the strength goals that at one point really defined my passion for fitness. Push-ups. Pull-ups. Power lifts.

RIP to my  Adidas Alpha Bounce’s  because I left them on the 4-train last night.

RIP to my Adidas Alpha Bounce’s because I left them on the 4-train last night.

And I’m back on a group exercise kick! There are so many incredible high-intensity classes in the city and I gotta try ‘em all (#Pokemon!).

I have a ClassPass monthly membership. It’s truly a steal if you think about the regular price of these classes. The NYC fitness $cene is no joke, but with my 27-credit membership I can take 2-3 classes for the price of 1. NOT SPONSORED (I wish) but every user gets a link they can share with their friends. If you’re interested in trying it out you can sign up using mine and save us both $40. I appreciate you if you do, and I’ll leave you with this:

Your body is incredible.

It pulled you out of bed this morning and it got you to read this. Nobody should be more grateful for your body than you… so promise me that you’ll move and care for your body in the way that it wants and needs. For aesthetic reasons or strength reasons or health reasons. Or not.

And if you do give ClassPass a try and you’re in NYC, also promise me that we’ll take a class together and be friends IRL.

All love always xx

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Blueberry Maca Smoothie Recipe


Happy Monday hustling humans! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably noticed that I've been sippin' on a new breakfast smoothie lately. Many of you have asked me to share what's in my cup so you'll find the recipe down below. Honestly this smoothie is great for any time of day. I've just gotten into the habit of drinking it in the A.M. because some of the benefits of maca include increased energy and reduced stress-hormone levels... both of which sound good to me.



  • 2 tsp maca powder

  • 1 cup unsweetened original Almond milk

  • 1/2 cup blueberries

  • 1 banana (preferably pre-cut and frozen)

  • 1 tsp cinnamon (more or less depending on preference)

  • 1 tbsp almond butter (you can buy my all-time favorite here) or peanut butter.

  • 1-2 cups ice

*Serves up a big smoothie for ONE.


  1. Add ingredients to your blender.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve and enjoy!

NUTRITION INFORMATION: 57 C | 12 F | 8 P | 348 calories

Personally, I don't count calories or macros. I never have and I don't see myself doing it anytime soon. However some people do, especially when they're preparing for a specific event or pursuing a specific physique, so I thought it might be helpful to include the nutrition information.

My motto: focus on how you feel. There's no problem with having aesthetic goals, but never let numbers define you. Not in school. Not on the scale. Not in your food. 

If you're planning to try this recipe let me know down below!

All love always xx

Wellness Realness: My Cryotherapy Experience


Happy Friday beautiful humans! I've decided to kick off this weekend with a series I've wanted to start for a while now: #WellnessRealness.

Is it just me, or does anyone else sometimes feel like they need a gazillion dollars and daily shots of apple cider vinegar to be well? Instagram feeds and wellness blogs can make it hard to shake the feeling that if your fitspo is doing it, so should you. 

So here's the plain truth: Move your body.  Drink enough water. Eat your veggies. Be well. Period.

And #WellnessRealness? Well... just 'cus we can get by without matcha lattes in the morning doesn't mean we aren't curious to know which of these cool wellness trends will add real value to our lives. So I'm kicking off this series with the latest and greatest freeze-your-butt-off wellness technology: cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy is "the use of extreme cold for therapeutic purposes". If you've spent time in an ice bath, think of cryo as its boujee and more charismatic cousin. My thoughts? Cryotherapy > Whirlpools, any day.

Freezing my *peach* off.

Freezing my *peach* off.


Appointments are typically  10-15 minutes long. When you first arrive you'll be asked to change into a robe, socks, gloves, and special cryo footwear.  Girls are asked to remove all clothing; guys are told to keep on their briefs. After your BP and heart rate are recorded IT'S GO TIME and you can step into the big silver tube. Once inside, you can hand your robe to the cryotherapy specialist and the 3-minute session begins.

The exact temperature of the session can vary from wow that's cold  to OMG why am I doing this, but first-timers will start "warmer".

Now that I've gone a few times the average temperature of my sessions has dropped to a whopping -265 degrees F. It's FREEZING but it's worth it.


A quick Google search will give you a list of benefits so long it might make you wonder why you haven't tried it yet. I'll leave the Googling to you and stick to the benefits I can actually vouch for:

  • Improved sleep - I'm listing this first because to me it's probably the most impressive. I'm a horrible sleeper and I don't sleep through the night, but on days that I get my cryo on I sleep like a baby.

  • Reduction of inflammation - I had ACL surgery done on my right knee 4 years ago, so after a day of intense physical activity I really start to feel it. The incredible thing is that I enter the cryotherapy machine with serious aches and pains and leave feeling 1000x better.

  • Increased Energy/Improved Mood - The "cryo high" is real. My mind and muscles feel so good after a 3-minute session. I leave hyper and ready to take on the world.

  • Improved muscle recovery - Like I said before, cryotherapy is a souped-up ice bath, making it the most incredible preventer AND alleviator of muscle soreness.

Overall I'm so happy with my cryotherapy experience! I'm glad I worked up the nerve to try it, and I feel so lucky to have found a facility with staff that I truly look forward to seeing for my sessions. It can get expensive, but if it's within your budget to incorporate a session semi-regularly, I WOULD DO IT. If it's not in your budget to go regularly but you could swing it once, I WOULD TRY IT. And if you're ever in Aspen then maybe I'll be seeing you at The Fix.

All love always xx

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Fitness Goals: Trying To Get Upside Down

A few posts ago I wrote about the things I wanted to leave in 2017 and the intentions I was setting for the new year. Number 4 on that list was to get inverted and I won't lie... I waited a full month before doing anything about it. It happens.

Then a few days ago I realized it was almost February and I'd made no progress, so in the middle of the night I brought a yoga mat into my room and got started. Word on the street is that it takes 2 weeks to make something a habit but it's been a daily practice ever since. Here's to hoping I haven't jinxed it.


Conquering my fear of being upside down took more than I thought. On the first day I could barely get my feet off the ground. Google suggested a "Wall T-stand" was a good beginner yoga inversion so I tried it. I also experimented with moving my legs in space from this position. Let's just say it's harder than it looks. 


One thing's for certain: consistency is key. Only 3 short days after getting my feet in the air for the first time I started feeling like I was actually getting better. I'm not walking on my hands or anything crazy just yet, but the head- and Wall T-stands are coming along.


  • Invest in a decent yoga mat (like this one or this one)

  • If you have an irrational fear of being upside down, practice against a wall and use yoga blocks to help you get into an upside down position. You don't have to do anything fancy. Just hang out and remain calm.

  • For working on headstands:

  1. Start in a table top position and drop onto your elbows.

  2. Pike up, keeping a slight bend in your knees and inch your feet forward.

  3. Lift one leg up, and then try the other. At first you might need to use momentum (I was practically jumping into it!) but over time try to keep your core tight and the movement slow and controlled.


It's not perfect but the girl who was once afraid of getting inverted is well on her way. I hope you will be too! Keep me posted on your progress via Instagram by using #MOTMgoals. xx

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Tips for Sticking With A New Workout Routine

New year, new me, am I right?! Whether you like the phrase or absolutely hate it, you can't deny that there's something so magical about a ton of people feeling inspired to set goals at the same time. My motto: never knock someone for trying to be better.  No matter the goal, and as long as it hurts no one, why not support it?

The really really beautiful thing is that the most common resolutions are to eat healthier, get more exercise, save money, focus on self-care, and get more sleep. It's like at the beginning of every year people realize they should really be putting themselves first, and nothing could make me happier. Wellness for the win.

Because I've gotten so many questions about how I make time for working out I thought I'd bring you a couple of my hacks for sticking to a new workout routine FOR REAL this time around. Disclaimer though: No one is perfect about their routines and making it a habit takes time. All you can do is try and, when it comes to your health and happiness, honestly that's enough.



What do Rome and your workout routine have in common? They weren't built in a day. Getting used to working out takes time, so don't try to go from 0 to 100. Start with a smaller goal, like 2 walks or workouts/week, and then build from there. Your muscles will thank you later.


If you hate running, then don't. If you hate yoga, then DON'T. Trying to force yourself to do something you don't enjoy is the quickest way to sabotage your goals. Save this for later (if you have your heart set on it) and start with activities you genuinely enjoy.


Maybe you can set a gym date with your roommate every week or maybe you just send each other sweaty selfies after every workout. No matter what you choose having somebody sweat with you can make working out that much better.


Sometimes fitness goals are centered around weight loss, and while that's fine (your goals are your goals), you have to make sure you're eating enough and staying hydrated. Cutting crazy calories  won't produce long-term gains... it'll just make you feel like crap. Promise.



When you're trying to take anything seriously planning is key. The great thing about workout routines is that there are so many parts you can plan in advance. I like to roughly plan what days I'll be getting my sweat on, what times, even what I'll wear. If you're working out first thing in the morning lay out your clothes the night before (or wear them to bed... that's what I do). If you know your schedule is packed this week, plan to sweat early in the day or over the weekends. Plan. Plan. Plan.


Sleep is everything and while some days you might have to drag yourself out of bed just short of a full night's rest, there are few feelings worse than being exhausted during a workout. Do yourself (and your wellness goals) a favor and prioritize your rest.


People workout for different reasons and while aesthetics might be one of them it alone has never been enough to make me workout consistently. So instead I like to think of the gym as my space for working through things. I run to get my heart pumping, I lift heavy to feel strong, and I sweat to clear my head. The feeling keeps me on track, so try to focus on that.


My favorite part of starting a new workout routine or setting new fitness goals is hands-down buying new stuff. Something about fresh socks and new leggings helps me get to the gym more often. Want to feel like a boss while you workout? Put on a carefully-coordinated sweatsuit (joking kinda, but not really).

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4 Reasons To Do More Yoga


Happy Friday! After nearly 3.5 months away from my mat I'm slowly (& finally) getting back into my practice. But don't get it twisted! I'm very much a beginner yogi and I've never been well-seasoned or consistent. 

If I'm being honest, I've never even practiced yoga with the intention of "getting really good". I just love what it does to cleanse my soul and that's enough to keep me coming back...

But just in case it isn't for you (I get that), here are 4 more reasons why you should be getting your YOGA on:

Ommmmmmmmmm .


1. Flexibility is fleeting and everyday we get older.

You know that saying, you'll never be as young as you are right now? That's the first thing I thought when my instructor tried to get me into full-blown camel pose (that and not gonna happen sis) .

But here are two undeniable truths: (1) without flexibility, daily activities can get really difficult, and (2) yoga is a great way to relieve the stresses of our daily lives. So  s t r e t c h  it out hustler, like your strength and mobility depend on it. Because they do.

 2. Crunches do NOT build strong cores.

My first day back on my yoga mat I found ab muscles I never knew I had. Don't take my word for it though. Swap your current ab-routine for an hour of yoga each week and experience the burn for yourself. It's no joke.

3. It's ok to just BE, and you should make time for it.

If you've taken a yoga class, then you've probably found your body in a position that your mind wasn't too happy about. The same sort of thing happens IRL. So, if you're constantly feeling like you could and should be doing more, then YOGA . It's a mental, physical, and spiritual affirmation that we are enough as we are, at any given moment. A reminder to just show up. I'm into that. 


4. Because sometimes you need a reminder to breathe.

When things get hard you've always got two choices: work through it or get out of it. And no matter what you decide, in yoga and in life, you've got to remember your breath. You are alive. You are here. Your quads are burning but you are breathing. K e e p breathing.


I really can't recommend yoga enough! Invest in the essentials and just do it. This yoga mat is hands down my favorite but you could also opt for a quality affordable option. Yoga blocks were so important for improving my flexibility and this combo lets you get two blocks and a yoga strap for less $ (thank the Lord) . My third and final essential would have to be a nonslip mat towel. If you're not a super sweat-er (like me), then you can get away with passing on this one. But if you do sweat and want to avoid turning your mat into a slip-n-slide, you should probably invest. You can't go wrong with Manduka- they play no games when it comes to yoga- but you can also find other mat towels (like this one or this one) for less.

So you see.. you don't need a $30 yoga class. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home.  Just get your mat, lay it down, search for a "yoga flow" on YouTube, and get started.

And if you're still not ready to practice alone... you can buy 2 of everything and drag your mom's best friend's cousin into it, or your unsuspecting roommate. That's my favorite. Wishing you a wonderful freakin' weekend! xx



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