Fitness Routine: How & Why I'm Shaking Things Up

This week was a good week, but TGISaturday because I’ve got a writing bug and a quick update I wanted to share.

Originally I was gonna save this post for the end of the month and use it as an opportunity to reflect (#forwardthinking), but so many of y’all have been asking me about my current routine so I decided there was no reason to put it off.

Is Melody really gonna use selfies as the visual content for this post? Yes. Yes she is.

Is Melody really gonna use selfies as the visual content for this post? Yes. Yes she is.

Before this week I felt stuck in the worst exercise rut. And before you *roll your eyes and dismiss my feelings* I want to be really honest about where my head was and how it was impacting me.

Hint: Not great.

Let me be clear. I truly enjoy the gym. I love making time for endorphin-mediated stress-management (NERD), working up a sweat, feeling myself get stronger as the same move gets easier, and then waking up so sore the next day I can hardly raise my arms to wipe my a$$.

That doesn’t mean I’m jumping for joy to the gym everyday, or that something’s wrong if you never ever love the gym as much as I do. But movement feels natural, whether it’s at the gym doing lunges or in the club twerkin’.

I like to move, and I use movement to take care of myself (mentally and physically).


But, frankly, that’s nobody’s business but my own.

I’m not going to sit on this side of the screen and pretend that socially-imposed standards of beauty don’t exist. There are SO MANY that they overlap, conflict, and overlap again. We face constant pressure, every day, from all sides. So here’s my unsolicited opinion on the matter: all we can do is reflect, dig deep, and move in the way we love (applicable to fitness, wellness, and all aspects of our lives).

If you enjoy that micro-movement pulse pulse tone tone stuff, keep giving your body what it loves. If you run 10 miles to clear your head and feel empowered, keep giving your mind what it loves. If you’re reading this in bed with a bag of Cheetos and no intention of moving today, tomorrow, or the next day, wanna hang out?

There are days when I get on an assault bike, jump around, and do burpees. And there are days when I finish a Dominos pizza with room for dessert. To each her own, always.

Do you understand where I’m coming from? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

We should reflect on all of our decisions. How much or how little or what kind of exercise we do is no different. Reflect, be honest, and then try to change what needs to be changed. You already know.

I’m shaking up my workout routine because it needed shaking up. I was in my own head. I wasn’t letting my arms move weight or my legs run hills. I couldn’t find my rhythm because I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore. I was getting scared of looking too tall and too strong.

But our bodies’ are always telling us how they want to move.

It’s up to us to listen.

So here’s my “fitness routine”: I’m doing what feels good. Correction: I’M DOING WHAT FEELS BOMB. I found a Spartan Beast training plan and it’s kicking my butt in the best way possible. It’s making it easier to get back to the strength goals that at one point really defined my passion for fitness. Push-ups. Pull-ups. Power lifts.

RIP to my  Adidas Alpha Bounce’s  because I left them on the 4-train last night.

RIP to my Adidas Alpha Bounce’s because I left them on the 4-train last night.

And I’m back on a group exercise kick! There are so many incredible high-intensity classes in the city and I gotta try ‘em all (#Pokemon!).

I have a ClassPass monthly membership. It’s truly a steal if you think about the regular price of these classes. The NYC fitness $cene is no joke, but with my 27-credit membership I can take 2-3 classes for the price of 1. NOT SPONSORED (I wish) but every user gets a link they can share with their friends. If you’re interested in trying it out you can sign up using mine and save us both $40. I appreciate you if you do, and I’ll leave you with this:

Your body is incredible.

It pulled you out of bed this morning and it got you to read this. Nobody should be more grateful for your body than you… so promise me that you’ll move and care for your body in the way that it wants and needs. For aesthetic reasons or strength reasons or health reasons. Or not.

And if you do give ClassPass a try and you’re in NYC, also promise me that we’ll take a class together and be friends IRL.

All love always xx

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