What's up fam?! My name is Melody, but Mel or Mez are cool too, and I’m a twenty-something Latina from NYC.

I'm also a big sister, a broke millennial, a first-gen college grad, & a soon-to-be medical school student.

Things I like:  early mornings, used books that look new, big mugs, bigger pizzas.

Things I love:  2000s hip hop and r&b, people-watching, thunderstorms, dancing in my bathroom, tea lattés, when women empower women

Things I believe:  positivity is crazy powerful; magic is misunderstood but entirely real; wellness is for everyone; health and happiness are everything.

And this blog? Think Rick Ross meets wellness guru… meets financially-constrained twenty-something. If you never come back to this corner of the world wide web, all I want you to know is this: you can “live well” and build the life you’ve always imagined. I hope this space inspires and empowers you to do just that… to stay on the move (in "fitness", but more importantly in life) no matter your starting point or financial situation. Love you so much already.

P.S. Started from the bottom, now we're here.

P.P.S. I publish new blog posts every Monday and Friday at 7AM EST so that even you early rise-and-grinders can stay on the move over coffee.

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