What's up fam?! My name is Melody, but you can call me Mez, and I’m a twenty-something Latina from NYC (#NYRICAN).

I'm also a big sister, a broke millennial, and a first-gen college grad.

Things I like:  early mornings, used books, big mugs, bigger pizzas.

Things I love:  2000s hip hop and r&b, people-watching, thunderstorms, dancing in my bathroom, chai lattes, when women empower women

Things I believe:  positivity is crazy powerful; magic is misunderstood but entirely real; the energy you put out into the world can change it; health and happiness are everything.

And this blog? Well, it was born out of a passion for wellness and a desire to shake up the "blogosphere" of healthy, happy living. This isn't about achieving a perfect life but about leading a better one: one where you love your body, move it often, and make do with what you've got while you hustle for what you want. I hope that Mez On The Move inspires and empowers you to stay on the move (in "fitness", but more importantly in life) no matter your age or financial situation. Love you so much already.


P.S. I publish new blog posts every Monday and Friday at 6AM EST so that even you early rise-and-grinders can stay on the move over coffee.


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