The Only Lentil Soup I've Ever Eaten

When I posted on Instagram that I'd found the easiest way to make lentils, you guys needed the recipe. Well... here it is.  Not only is this vegan-friendlygluten-free lentil soup easy to make. IT'S BOMB. Someone tell Cookie+Kate that I'm obsessed.

A brief rundown (you'll have to head to Cookie+Kate for the full thing):

>> It takes about 55 minutes to make but you can spend most of that time away from the kitchen. After everything makes its way into the pot, you've got 30 minutes to just kick back and relax.

>> It's vegan-friendly (check-plus for the environment, the animals, and your health) but even the carnivores in my family love it! If you're a firm-believer that no soup is complete without chicken, this soup will change your mind.

>> The ingredient list is short (especially since you're likely to have the seasonings on-hand already). I'm all about keeping it simple.

Let me know if you have any easy recipes for lentils (*emphasizes easy*) because I'd love to try them, or decide to try this soup for yourself! xx