My 7-Minute Minimal Makeup Routine

Happy Friday, hustlas. It’s a beautiful day to feel beautiful.

If you’ve been following me on the ‘gram you may or may not have noticed that I’ve recently been dipping my toes into a glowy but super natural everyday makeup look. I say dipping because it wasn’t long ago that I was “one of those girls” that “didn’t have the time” or “energy” to “put on a face” “every day”.

*Yawn* x1000, because that “not like other girls” narrative is sooo 2013. NEWSFLASH TO MY PAST SELF: using makeup does not threaten your authenticity.

So I’ve been doing it.. applying a little makeup whenever I’ve felt like it (but never out of obligation). Whether I’m interviewing at a medical school or just walking down the block, I’ve turned my minimal makeup routine into a mindful self-love practice. I didn’t think it was possible.

Mez On The Move Everyday Makeup.JPG

So because I’ve gotten a few DMs asking about the products I’ve been using on my eyes, lips, and face, I thought I’d round it all up in one place for your easy shopping convenience. It’s minimal-ish enough for any formal meeting, or interview *sigh, the patriarchy* but it’s never ever basic ;)

F a c e

  • Moisturize. I use EltaMD on most days but because it’s winter and the wind is killing me I rotate in this thicker moisturizer whenever I feel like it. Done.

  • Perfecting Skin Tint for the everyday, “no makeup- makeup” win. It does enough to make me glow a lil somethin’ somethin’ without making me feel caked up. Apply with hands when I’m extra tight on time but I prefer to use a damp BeautyBlender to keep my fingers off of my face. Also, they recently added more shades for my #melanated mamis and THAT is something I can stand behind.

    • For those of you looking for more coverage, this is not that.. but I did mix it with my Sheer Glow just the other day and (on my momma) it looked GOOD.

  • A couple dabs of concealer under the eyes are enough to make me feel like 8 hours of sleep. I’ve been loving Glossier’s because it’s thinner and dewier than the average (which I can appreciate). And because I think matte finishes are so 2018 (LOL) this product is all that and a bag of chips, in my book.

  • My roommate put it best the other day: “I want my face to look wet.” Queue all of the highlighter. I’m pretty sure highlighting sticks were made for 7-minute makeup routines and I don’t think I’m ever using a powder highlight again. I use Revlon’s highlighting stick for my day- and night-time looks (because I’m ballin’ on that #drugstorebudget) but I’ve been eyeing Flesh’s for a while now and my roommate swears by it.

  • Bronzer is optional. Blush is not. Blush everywhere.



  • On most days I’m not feeling like eyeshadow and my eyebrows are finally growing back in after a threading disaster. Who hasn’t had one? So MASCARA- I’ve been using this blue and white tube of “The Edgiest” by Estee Lauder but I couldn’t find it online so you’ll have to search your local drugstore.


  • My inner 7th grader is screaming at the re-rise of lip gloss. Now, I would argue that it never left Harlem or the Bronx, like hoop earrings and acrylic nails, but *sips tea* I digress. Glossier’s lip gloss keeps my lips poppin’ like I’m Lil Mama, but on interview days I stick to the OG lip product all time.


That’s it! I’m no beauty expert but I do love the products I’ve been using and I truly think they are great for those of us #BLESSED with sensitive, acne-prone skin. If you have any recommendations or products you love, please sound off in the comments because your girl loves to spend money she doesn’t have.

Wishing you the dopest weekend of all time xx

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