female hustle

The Beginning



I'm no writer but here I am starting a blog.

A few months ago, in May, I graduated from Harvard with a degree and a feeling that I'd lost myself somewhere along the way. Don't get me wrong. Going to college changed my life. But here's the thing about being a hustler (and a #femalehustler, at that): it's too easy to forget the person working toward the goals when you're so focused on the goals. Pair that with constantly feeling like you don't have the time, money, or energy to invest in what you eat, wear, or do, and it's no wonder that wellness and happiness are the first to take backseats for the sake of "reaching your goals". Delayed gratification: a tale of the hustling millennial

Except, NO. And if this is the last time you visit Mez On The Move (I hope not), I want you to take one thing with you:

Wellness is everything, even on your busiest days.

So, from one female hustler to another, I hope you'll follow along as I document bits and pieces of a lifestyle committed to wellness and hustle, and try to help you lead your happiest, healthiest, DOPEST life.

It can be done. xx