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Goodbye March: My Goals for April

2019 is 25% done. Every month feels shorter than the one before it. I don’t know how it’s April already. 2019 is FLYING.


I did so many things and laughed so many times but, like every month it seems, I also left a few things untouched or unfinished. I didn’t take my permit test but I’ve decided that true New Yorkers don’t drive, I ditched my plan to yoga everyday (read about why here), and I wasn’t perfect about reading my Bible but I read it.

March felt good.

_MMM smaller.jpg

Every so often I'll get a message from one of y’all asking me about my daily routines and how I get things done. I regret to inform you that I am not the beacon of productivity you’re looking for… at least not at the moment ;) What I will say is that grinding for your goals is a really difficult thing. It’s not cute, it’s 1000% exhausting,

but it is a BLESSING, and one I try really freakin’ hard, day in and day out, to summon my energy for.


I’m by no means perfect but I do my best, and when I find myself unable to step up I talk to someone I trust. More times than not, what’s holding me back runs deeper than I realize.

I’m setting one goal for April:

At the end of every day I want to feel like a took a step in the right direction.

I’ve got all of these things I’d like to do before I finally go to med school in August. They’re whizzing around in my head but part of the work will be figuring out what I need from the next few months.

So every single day in April I’m going to try to get clearer on my goals , how I'm going to go about doing them, and where the heck I’m going to start.


There are a lot of changes coming- medical school being the most obvious one. But there are also changes in the works that I’m not quite ready to talk about (and equally excited for). Ah, such is life. I hope your April is the start of something incredible. I hope whatever seed you’ve been sowing shows signs of growth. If you’d like to focus on 1 THING with me I would love for you to share it below; nothing makes me happier than cheering you guys on. Wishing us the both the best “1 THING April”- like Amerie. Get it? All love always xx

Photos by Carolina Portilho Montoni

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February Five & My Goals for March

Happy On The Move Monday, my people.

It’s March and I’m not sure how we got here. It feels like yesterday I was watching the ball drop, writing down my goals for 2019, and praying for med school acceptances. Now we’re 2 full months into the new year, I’ve largely forgotten about my goals *face palm*, and the Lord has answered my med school prayers.

While I’m tempted to jump straight into the intentions I’m setting for this new month, I wanted to rapid-fire share some of my favorite features of the one behind me:


(1) Short(er) hair

At the beginning of the month I went in for a quick little trim at a hair studio I’d never been to. It ended in disaster *insert dramatic effect* and the only way to fix it was to get it CHOPPED. Hair is no big deal (& I know that it‘ll grow back) but after spending weeks feeling like a bald biscuit, I’m digging the shorter look. Lesson learned? Even accidents can have happy endings.


I think I’ll dub the month “Friendship February”. For the first time in a long time (with my head finally out from under the #premed cloud) I spent every weekend socializing and living my best life. It certainly hurt my bank account, but it did wonders for my spirit. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed being 7 and having sleepovers, so we made it our mission to bring them back.

Evening tequila => Morning face masks => Afternoon shopping.

Evening tequila => Morning face masks => Afternoon shopping.

(3) Walking sans Headphones

No shade here because I love my AirPods, but sometimes a girl just needs to listen to the sound of her heart, breath, and ‘hood. Know what I’m sayin?


(4) My “It’s not really winter, but it’s also not warm” boots

I’m no fashion blogger so forgive me if these are out of season. Whenever it’s been cold and dry I’ve turned to a pair of boots that sat in my closet untouched for months. Now the price-point on these babies is STEEP (#gifted) but the leather’s finally broken in and ba da pa pa pa, I’M LOVING IT. I don’t expect you to go buy a new pair of boots, but I would encourage you to take a look into your closet and wear something you haven’t worn yet. Can’t find anything? Look harder. We’re all guilty as charged.


(5) Hoops & Acrylics

I touched on lip gloss & hoop earrings very briefly in my last post but February has seen a full-force return of the things that make me feel most connected to who I am and where I come from. “Next time someone tells Bronx girls to take off their hoops, they can just say they’re dressing like a Congresswoman… and a future surgeon. Acrylics not sold separately.


Now I’ve got a million and one ideas about how I’d like March to look so it’d be fake of me to suggest that my list was anything short of 15 bullet-pointed items that I’ve sub-divided into targeted To-Dos and broader #Goals.

I’m a little crazy. I know.

That’s why on my crazy list of things to do I’ve marked 3 goals as highest-priority and I thought it’d be helpful for me to share those.

(1) Good for the Mind: Yoga. Every damn day.

Your girl’s been trying to get into meditation for what feels like twenty lifetimes and I think I’ve finally figured it out. I need something a little more physical! This month I’m challenging myself to 28 consecutive days of yoga. Woosah.

(2) Good for the Body: Plants & Sobriety.

This one is kind of two-fold. The first fold: my body is craving leafy greens and coming off of one too many consecutive tequila weekends. And the second: NYC nightlife is TOUGH on the funds $$$. So for the same 28 days I will be cheering myself on as I consume a plant-based diet and re-live my middle school dancing queen glory days (#sansalcohol).

(3) Good for the Soul: Read the bible. Apply it to my life. Every damn day.

And that’s it! I know it’s not particularly ground-breaking or innovative but I love using new months, weeks, and even days as opportunities to reset and restart. This March is no exception and I’m so excited. If you’ve got a goal or two that you’re willing to share, I wanna hear it! Leave it in a comment below so I can root for you as we both move through March.

All love always xx

LOL // issa vibe.

LOL // issa vibe.

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New Year’s Resolutions Every 20-Something Should Make

We are just 12 short hours from a new year which means many of us are busy reflecting on the past one and setting our sights higher for the next. Whether you set “resolutions” or “intentions” or decide to focus on a single word in 2019, I have always been of the opinion that every new day, week, month, and year are all opportunities to just be better. Not better than anyone else, but better than you were before. And YES. It is 100% possible to love yourself while you work on yourself.

I’ve got all kinds of goals for this year but 4 resolutions have been on my mind. I think they’re the kind that every 20-something #femalehustler should consider, so I thought I’d share them with you in hopes that you might join me in making one or two (or all!) of them your own.

Boots  are  ON SALE ! YAAAAAAS.



It feels like everyone is making a dream career out of their side hustles and I couldn’t be more excited. I joined the ranks of the “self-employed” myself just two months ago, but the loss of my 30-minute commute to work has drastically reduced the amount of time I spend in the crisp NYC air. Important: fresh air is good for the soul. So in 2019 I’m making the extra effort to spend a few minutes roaming the concrete jungle everyday. If you work from home, Uber everywhere, or lock yourself in the library for hours on end, you should definitely consider joining me on my quest to become #outdoorsy (ha).


Whether you do it for the environment, the animals, or your health, there’s a lot to be gained from a plant-based diet. I won’t scare you with the v* word, but there’s a 30% chance you need to increase your veggie intake. I’ve been trying to keep meat, dairy, and eggs out of my kitchen for a few months. It’s not full-blown veganism* but it’s easy and affordable. So in 2019 I’m keeping my #plantkitchen habit around and this invitation for you to join me will really kick it up a notch.



Finances - the bane of every 20-something-New Yorker’s existence. I grew up in a home that experienced a lot of financial instability. Pair that with the fact that I’m a rich person stuck in a poor person’s body, and I’ve managed to develop some pretty bad spending habits.


I’m talking budgets, bank statements, savings accounts, and personal finance books… while I continue to live my best life.

First few books in the queue? You Are A Badass at Making Money, Refinery29’s Money Diaries, and Money Is Everything.


Join your neighborhood council. Go to your community meetings. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Speak up for your co-worker. Speak out about injustice. Help your aunt’s friend’s sister’s daughter ace the SAT. Be a mentor.

Your 20s are supposed to be selfish years, but that doesn’t mean every moment of them has to be. In 2019, I’ll be actively searching for ways to pay everything I’ve been given forward. Join me.

All love always xx

Boots  are  ON SALE ! YAAAAAAS.


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