Wellness Realness: My Cryotherapy Experience


Happy Friday beautiful humans! I've decided to kick off this weekend with a series I've wanted to start for a while now: #WellnessRealness.

Is it just me, or does anyone else sometimes feel like they need a gazillion dollars and daily shots of apple cider vinegar to be well? Instagram feeds and wellness blogs can make it hard to shake the feeling that if your fitspo is doing it, so should you. 

So here's the plain truth: Move your body.  Drink enough water. Eat your veggies. Be well. Period.

And #WellnessRealness? Well... just 'cus we can get by without matcha lattes in the morning doesn't mean we aren't curious to know which of these cool wellness trends will add real value to our lives. So I'm kicking off this series with the latest and greatest freeze-your-butt-off wellness technology: cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy is "the use of extreme cold for therapeutic purposes". If you've spent time in an ice bath, think of cryo as its boujee and more charismatic cousin. My thoughts? Cryotherapy > Whirlpools, any day.

Freezing my *peach* off.

Freezing my *peach* off.


Appointments are typically  10-15 minutes long. When you first arrive you'll be asked to change into a robe, socks, gloves, and special cryo footwear.  Girls are asked to remove all clothing; guys are told to keep on their briefs. After your BP and heart rate are recorded IT'S GO TIME and you can step into the big silver tube. Once inside, you can hand your robe to the cryotherapy specialist and the 3-minute session begins.

The exact temperature of the session can vary from wow that's cold  to OMG why am I doing this, but first-timers will start "warmer".

Now that I've gone a few times the average temperature of my sessions has dropped to a whopping -265 degrees F. It's FREEZING but it's worth it.


A quick Google search will give you a list of benefits so long it might make you wonder why you haven't tried it yet. I'll leave the Googling to you and stick to the benefits I can actually vouch for:

  • Improved sleep - I'm listing this first because to me it's probably the most impressive. I'm a horrible sleeper and I don't sleep through the night, but on days that I get my cryo on I sleep like a baby.

  • Reduction of inflammation - I had ACL surgery done on my right knee 4 years ago, so after a day of intense physical activity I really start to feel it. The incredible thing is that I enter the cryotherapy machine with serious aches and pains and leave feeling 1000x better.

  • Increased Energy/Improved Mood - The "cryo high" is real. My mind and muscles feel so good after a 3-minute session. I leave hyper and ready to take on the world.

  • Improved muscle recovery - Like I said before, cryotherapy is a souped-up ice bath, making it the most incredible preventer AND alleviator of muscle soreness.

Overall I'm so happy with my cryotherapy experience! I'm glad I worked up the nerve to try it, and I feel so lucky to have found a facility with staff that I truly look forward to seeing for my sessions. It can get expensive, but if it's within your budget to incorporate a session semi-regularly, I WOULD DO IT. If it's not in your budget to go regularly but you could swing it once, I WOULD TRY IT. And if you're ever in Aspen then maybe I'll be seeing you at The Fix.

All love always xx

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4 Reasons To Do More Yoga


Happy Friday! After nearly 3.5 months away from my mat I'm slowly (& finally) getting back into my practice. But don't get it twisted! I'm very much a beginner yogi and I've never been well-seasoned or consistent. 

If I'm being honest, I've never even practiced yoga with the intention of "getting really good". I just love what it does to cleanse my soul and that's enough to keep me coming back...

But just in case it isn't for you (I get that), here are 4 more reasons why you should be getting your YOGA on:

Ommmmmmmmmm .


1. Flexibility is fleeting and everyday we get older.

You know that saying, you'll never be as young as you are right now? That's the first thing I thought when my instructor tried to get me into full-blown camel pose (that and not gonna happen sis) .

But here are two undeniable truths: (1) without flexibility, daily activities can get really difficult, and (2) yoga is a great way to relieve the stresses of our daily lives. So  s t r e t c h  it out hustler, like your strength and mobility depend on it. Because they do.

 2. Crunches do NOT build strong cores.

My first day back on my yoga mat I found ab muscles I never knew I had. Don't take my word for it though. Swap your current ab-routine for an hour of yoga each week and experience the burn for yourself. It's no joke.

3. It's ok to just BE, and you should make time for it.

If you've taken a yoga class, then you've probably found your body in a position that your mind wasn't too happy about. The same sort of thing happens IRL. So, if you're constantly feeling like you could and should be doing more, then YOGA . It's a mental, physical, and spiritual affirmation that we are enough as we are, at any given moment. A reminder to just show up. I'm into that. 


4. Because sometimes you need a reminder to breathe.

When things get hard you've always got two choices: work through it or get out of it. And no matter what you decide, in yoga and in life, you've got to remember your breath. You are alive. You are here. Your quads are burning but you are breathing. K e e p breathing.


I really can't recommend yoga enough! Invest in the essentials and just do it. This yoga mat is hands down my favorite but you could also opt for a quality affordable option. Yoga blocks were so important for improving my flexibility and this combo lets you get two blocks and a yoga strap for less $ (thank the Lord) . My third and final essential would have to be a nonslip mat towel. If you're not a super sweat-er (like me), then you can get away with passing on this one. But if you do sweat and want to avoid turning your mat into a slip-n-slide, you should probably invest. You can't go wrong with Manduka- they play no games when it comes to yoga- but you can also find other mat towels (like this one or this one) for less.

So you see.. you don't need a $30 yoga class. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home.  Just get your mat, lay it down, search for a "yoga flow" on YouTube, and get started.

And if you're still not ready to practice alone... you can buy 2 of everything and drag your mom's best friend's cousin into it, or your unsuspecting roommate. That's my favorite. Wishing you a wonderful freakin' weekend! xx



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The Beginning



I'm no writer but here I am starting a blog.

A few months ago, in May, I graduated from Harvard with a degree and a feeling that I'd lost myself somewhere along the way. Don't get me wrong. Going to college changed my life. But here's the thing about being a hustler (and a #femalehustler, at that): it's too easy to forget the person working toward the goals when you're so focused on the goals. Pair that with constantly feeling like you don't have the time, money, or energy to invest in what you eat, wear, or do, and it's no wonder that wellness and happiness are the first to take backseats for the sake of "reaching your goals". Delayed gratification: a tale of the hustling millennial

Except, NO. And if this is the last time you visit Mez On The Move (I hope not), I want you to take one thing with you:

Wellness is everything, even on your busiest days.

So, from one female hustler to another, I hope you'll follow along as I document bits and pieces of a lifestyle committed to wellness and hustle, and try to help you lead your happiest, healthiest, DOPEST life.

It can be done. xx